5th Congressional District Candidates

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Democratic 5th congressional district candidate

Mary Gay Scanlon

 Mary Gay Scanlon

Republican 5th congressional district candidate

Pearl Kim

 Pearl Kim
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  • Immigration. Kim supports securing our borders so that we can responsibly develop an immigration policy that is humane and effective to propel American growth.  Pearl believes that Dreamers under DACA, who have otherwise followed our laws, should be afforded a path to citizenship.

  • Opioids. Kim wants to hold drug dealers accountable and ensure that the painkillers are properly prescribed. Kim views addiction as an illness that requires treatment without judgement.

  • Gun policy. Kim supports supports background checks for firearms, closing loopholes and ensuring that law enforcement has the tools they need to get troubled youth the help they need.

  • Education. Kim would support Federal assistance in reducing barriers to job training and wants universities to be held accountable for escalating tuition rates.

  • Healthcare. Kim wants states to be in charge of ensuring health coverage for residents. She holds the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which started in Pennsylvania, as a model for the country.

  • Kim’s Top 3 Priorities (in her own words, from vote411.org):

    • I want to continue the nation’s current economic growth by holding the line on taxes and focusing on maintaining and creating both tech and manufacturing jobs in the region. I’m particularly concerned about the impacts that federal regulations could have on our local jobs in the manufacturing and energy sectors. As the daughter of immigrants, I will work to address the issue of illegal immigration and securing our borders in some fashion so we can focus on legal immigration. I will use my experience as a prosecutor in the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office to address the issues of human trafficking, sex crimes, the opioid crisis, mental health, and campus sexual assault.