Gubernatorial Candidates

Democratic gubernatorial candidate

Tom Wolf

 Governor Tom Wolf
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  • Background: Current Governor of Pennsylvania, elected in 2014.

  • Education. Wolf has increased public school funding by 15 percent in the last three years and enacted a fair funding formula that removes politics from school funding. He has also increased the number of children attending Pre-K by 64% and the number of students in full-day kindergarten has risen to 93,800.

  • Job Growth. Wolf has approved nearly $1 million in funding through the new Manufacturing PA initiative for new training programs across PA for high-paying job in manufacturing; he also passed a manufacturing tax credit and eliminated the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax on businesses. $6 billion in infrastructure improvements have helped fund jobs across the state. He continues to fight for a statewide minimum wage increase to $12 an hour, tied to inflation.

  • Healthcare. Wolf fully expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and increased CHIP enrollment by 20%. He also created a task force to enhance the quality of care for seniors in long-term living facilities and signed a bill that legalized medical marijuana, providing medical relief to patients with serious medical conditions.

  • Reproductive issues. Wolf vetoed a bill that would have narrowed the window on how long women have to get a legal abortion from six months to five months.

  • Wolf’s Top 3 Priorities (in his own words, from

    • Investing in our kids and schools: I have made clear my strong commitment to education in Pennsylvania by fully restoring education funding cuts made in the previous administration, providing unprecedented support to high-quality preK programs, and ensuring students are college and career ready by expanding opportunities for career and technical education.

    • Grow jobs and support workers: I have eliminated burdensome taxes on businesses like the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax and I am working to grow the economy by moving forward on large projects. I have and will continue to invest in manufacturing, apprenticeships, and workforce development initiatives.

    • rotect our seniors and access to health care: I took immediate action to provide health insurance to more than 720,000 Pennsylvanians by expanding Medicaid, and under my administration the commonwealth’s uninsured rate is the lowest it has ever been. I have also increased opportunities for seniors to age in their homes.

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Republican gubernatorial candidate

Scott Wagner


 Scott Wagner
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  • Background: State Senator for the 28th District, in southwestern PA, since 2014. Wagner is the President and owner of York-based Penn Waste, Inc. and KBS Trucking in Thomasville, Pennsylvania. He is endorsed by Pennsylvania’s Republican Party.

  • Taxes. Wagner supports legislation that would eliminate school taxes on all properties and raise sales and income taxes. He would implement zero-based budgeting to reduce government spending and would halt tax increases.

  • Education. Wagner supports taxpayer-funded school choice. He would divert money away from the state employee pension program and it put towards schools. He would end property tax reliance and address funding inequity. He would work toward preparing children to fill STEM jobs and skilled labor positions.

  • PA Legislature. Wagner wants to reduce the size of the state legislature, and abolish lawmaker per diems, pensions, and lifetime health insurance plans. He would seek to ban former legislators from lobbying and prohibit lobbying firms from engaging in campaign work.

  • Climate. Wagner rejects the scientific consensus on climate change, having asserted in March 2017 that climate change is the result of Earth moving closer to the Sun and from greater body heat emanating from a greater number of humans.

  • Wagner’s Top 2 Priorities (in his own words, from

    • Overhauling governmental impositions is a top priority. On day one, I will employ zero-based budgeting, introducing a transparent budget process that will make sense for taxpayers and investing in what works to end wasteful and ineffective spending. With over 153,000 regulations and a regulatory authority out of control, meaningful regulation reform must be implemented, such as my current proposal to count, cap, and reduce. Second, I have been all over Pennsylvania and I have heard my mission loud and clear, I will eliminate property taxes as Governor. Many of our children are receiving an outstanding education, but the reality is that too many students are graduating from high school without the necessary skills to be successful in college or the workforce. We must retool and redesign our education system to ensure today’s students are adequately prepared to be tomorrow’s adults. Without a major overhaul, we will continue to do a great disservice to our children and their educators.

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Green gubernatorial candidate

Paul Glover

 Paul Glover
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  • Jobs. Glover believes that full employment is possible, since there are billions more hours of labor needed to rebuild our cities, suburbs and farms so that they are maximally energy efficient and regionally reliant for provision of food and fuel.

  • Education. Glover supports full funding for public schools so all schools have modern libraries, extracurricular activities, bathrooms that work, and meals. He believes no funding for charters and their facilities should outstrip funding for general public schools in class size, special needs, and employment counseling.

  • Taxes. Glover supports a progressive income tax.

  • Glover’s Top 3 Priorities (in his own words, from

    • Shift the State budget toward ecology and justice. Aggressively fund energy efficiencies and expand tax credits for solar/wind/ cogeneration, to reduce demand for fossil fuels and end fracking. Move money from prisons to jobs and schools, and from roadbuilding to transit.

    • Fully employ all Pennsylvanians to rebuild cities, suburbs and farms toward balance with nature, partly with regional credits and regional stock exchanges, as described in my book Green Jobs Philly. I will establish the Green Labor Administration (GLAD) to employ 500,000 Pennsylvanians without raising taxes. The larger purpose is to begin the transition from the Middle Class to what I call the Mutual Class.

    • Permit formation of community-based medical cooperatives, to provide a genuinely nonprofit base for statewide universal health coverage that is affordable, democratic, and humane. This is how Canada's single payer system began.

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate

Ken Krawchuk

 Ken Krawchuk
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  • Taxes. Krawchuk promises to veto every tax increase that is presented to him and aggressively use the line-item veto to eliminate unconstitutional and pork barrel spending. With the savings, he would introduce a series of budgets that would completely eliminate the Pennsylvania personal income tax.

  • Crime. Krawchuk would eliminate parole for violent criminals and end asset forfeiture where there has been no crime.

  • Drugs. Krawchuk would decriminalize marijuana and other drugs and treat them like we do alcohol, pardon all non-violent drug offenders, and turn to treatment rather than jail for those suffering from addiction.

  • Krawchuck’s Top 3 Priorities (in his own words, from

    • The theme of the Krawchuk campaign is Death and Taxes. My goal is to reduce both dramatically. Under the two old parties, the cost of government has been rising on average at over 3 times the inflation rate for over 50 years. To end that trend, I promise to veto every tax increase, aggressively use the line item veto, eliminate property taxes and reduce the corporate tax. To reduce deaths, it’s time to end the Opioid Crisis. Four out of five opioid deaths can be prevented by following Portugal’s example and ending the insane War on Drugs. Addiction should be treated as a medical issue, not a criminal one. To help save lives, the right to keep and bear arms should be strongly supported because gun control kills. John Lott, a researcher at the University of Chicago, found that if a woman resists an attacker, she’s twice as likely to be seriously injured. But if she resists with a handgun, she’s half as likely to be seriously injured. In other words, handguns are a girl’s best friend.