Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidates

Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate

john fetterman

 John Fetterman
  • John Fetterman's website

  • Background: Currently the Mayor of Braddock, PA. He was first elected in 2005. He has a background in public policy and served in AmeriCorps.

  • Immigration. Fetterman has stated that he wishes Berks Detention Center to be closed immediately.

  • Drug policy. Fetterman has publicly endorsed legalizing marijuana.

  • Reproductive issues. Fetterman self-describes as “un-abashedly pro-choice.”

  • LGBTQ+. Fetterman officiated one of the first same-sex marriages in Pennsylvania.

  • Pay. He supports raising minimum wage to $15/hour.

  • Fetterman’s Top 3 Priorities (in his own words, from

  • I will be a progressive backstop for the Governor, advocate for economic justice and our forgotten communities in Pennsylvania, and utilize and transform the office of the Lt Governor to its fullest potential.

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Republican lieutenant governor candidate

jeff bartos

 Jeff Bartos
  • Jeff Bartos's website

  • Background: Owns a contracting company and several real estate acquisition and development companies active in the Greater Philadelphia market, and previously served as a senior executive at Toll Brothers, Inc. and Mark Group, Inc.

  • Economy. Bartos seeks to promote economic policies that will help make the staples of a middle class life–home ownership, healthcare, and education–more affordable.

  • Education. Bartos is in favor of increasing access to school choice programs.

  • Bartos’s Top 3 Priorities (in his own words, from

    • (Candidate did not respond.)

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Green Lieutenant Governor Candidate

Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick

 Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick
  • Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick’s website

  • Background: Chair of the Green Party of Delaware County PA and the state level Green Party by serving as an At-Large Delegate on the steering committee of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA). Worked as a lab technician for 24 years.

  • Environment. Bowser-Bostick would end fossil fuel extraction and use and make our economy 100% reliant on clean and renewable energy sources.

  • Healthcare. Bowser-Bostick supports universal healthcare for all in the U.S.

  • Foreign Relations. Bowser-Bostick supports ending U.S. funding of and involvement in violent conflicts around the world and cutting the U.S. military budget by more than half.

  • Bowser-Bostick’s Top 3 Priorities (in her own words, from

    • Reduce the future environmental damage and human suffering from climate change and the current ruination of people's health, safety and property values by banning gas and oil fracking and the building of pipelines that carry gas or natural gas liquids. We must improve energy efficiency, use less energy, and eliminate dirty energy systems of which fossil fuels are the biggest component by becoming 100% reliant by 2050 on clean & renewable energy sources. By adopting laws such as HB2132/SB1140 that reinforce the goal of becoming solely reliant on 100% clean energy we will improve our health, save lives, and create thousands of green jobs.

    • End poverty that forces people to live in unhealthy homes, be homeless, and fear that they or their family members will have to go hungry or do without vital medical/mental health services.

    • Protect the economic, social & political rights of women, racial minorities, believers of any faith and those of any gender identity or sexual orientation.

Libertarian Lieutenant Governor Candidate

Kathleen S. Smith

 Kathleen S. Smith
  • Kathleen S. Smith’s website

  • Background. Currently Vice-President of the Canonsburg and Washington chapters of the PA Federation of Business and Professional Women, certified trainer in their Individual Development program for women. Treasurer of the Community Scholarship Foundation of Canon-McMillan. Was active with the PA School Board Association and appointed to their Legislative and Nomination committees, sat on the Western Area Career and Technical School’s Board. Smith was a manger for Borders Books & Music for over 20 years.

  • Pensions. Smith supports moving to a 401(k) plan for all employees eligible for the state pension plan. The current "reform" plan is underfunded.

  • Economic Development. Smith would make it easier to get new businesses started by removing barriers to entry and would minimize and simplify licensing, permitting, and zoning.

  • Smith’s Top 3 Priorities (in her own words, from

    • (Candidate did not respond.)