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Mike Zabel

 Mike Zabel
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  • Background: Lifelong resident of Delaware County. Zabel served as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia and is currently an Attorney at Rawle & Henderson.

  • Education. Zabel seeks to address the financial disparity among our school districts by applying the fair funding formula to all Commonwealth education funds.

  • Guns. Zabel seeks to advocate for gun control legislation, including universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Zabel believes that people convicted of felonies, who have committed domestic violence, or who suffer from severe mental illness should not be able to get a gun.

  • Equality. Zabel seeks to sponsor legislation that ensures women receive equal pay for equal work. He also seeks to pass laws that protect every Pennsylvanian against discrimination based on gender, race, religion, age, and sexual orientation.

  • Environment. Zabel believes Pennsylvania should be a leader in conservation and environmental protection, and he wants to work to create more green space in Havertown, Drexel Hill, Clifton Heights, and Aldan, and strengthen our Department of Environmental Protection.

  • Voting reform. Zabel seeks to enact sweeping electoral and campaign finance reform, including a gift ban, political contribution limits, and an independent citizens commission for redrawing our voting districts.

  • Zabel’s Top 3 Priorities (in his own words, from

    • Strengthening opportunities for the residents of the 163rd: we need fairer funding for our public schools, protection of our unions and stronger wages, and a commitment to invest in and improve our infrastructure.

    • Bringing integrity to politics: Pennsylvanians want electoral reform. I will work to depoliticize the redistricting process, place limitations on political contributions, and implement a gift ban for all elected officials.

    • Fighting for fairness: I'll work to lighten the tax burden for ordinary Pennsylvanians while making sure that large corporations, such as gas companies. pay their fair share. I'll fight for legislation that ensures that women receive equal pay for equal work. I'll help enact laws that prevent anyone from being discriminated against because of who they are or whom they love.

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Jamie Santora

 Jamie Santora