166th PA State Representative Candidates

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Democratic PA 166th state representative candidate

Greg Vitali

 Greg Vitali

Republican PA 166th state representative candidate

Baltazar Rubio

 Baltazar Rubio
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  • Background: Baltazar Rubio is a trial attorney for the Delaware County Office of the Public Defender. Rubio also has a private practice office in Upper Darby, PA, where he practices Family Law, Landlord Tenant Law and fights for small businesses in Contractor Sub-Contractor claim suits.

  • Addiction/opioids. Rubio supports legislation to increase public funding for treatment centers, require sober living facilities to provide safe transition facilities, and regulate opioid prescription guidelines, including physician education requisites concerning pain management vs. addiction. He also supports legislation to provide medical treatment for an addiction as opposed to immediate incarceration and prosecution.

  • Auto laws. Rubio supports legislation to strengthen the motor vehicle code to require hands-free devices and increase the penalties for texting while driving and careless driving.

  • Rubio’s Top 3 Priorities (in his own words, from vote411.org):

    • Public education, public safety and improvements of local infrastructure are what I perceive to be priorities for the district and Radnor specifically. Maintaining the district’s excellence and working with the school board to continue this would be the first priority. Secondly, public safety will be greatly improved by working to tackle the opioid epidemic. For over a decade I have seen the destructive effects of addiction and believe that we must take more creative approaches to the issue than just simple incarceration. We can also work with care providers to limit prescription and use of opioids, and direct the insurance carriers to include “other than opioid” treatments for pain relief in the list of available remedies. Lastly, I have seen and heard form residents that recent flooding was due to the need for storm water system modernization. Improvements must be made so finding funds to do so would be a priority.

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