Alternative Actions to Phone Calls and Marches

Phone Call Alternatives

Calling our Members of Congress is a powerful act.

But making a phone call isn’t so simple for many people. There are many other tools that can help you make your opinion heard.  


Using a smart phone, text “resist” to 50409. Using Facebook Messenger, search for “resistbot” and then when you reach its page, send it a message with “resist” in the body text to get started. Or use Resistbot right on this website below.

Resistbot turns your text messages into letters that are faxed to Congress.

Your messages don’t have to be complicated or fancy. Just share a few sentences and be specific about your request.

A sample message might be: I’m a parent of a child with asthma, and her medicine is very expensive. The Health Care Is Awesome Act will lower costs for me and others. I urge you to support the Health Care Is Awesome Act. Thank you.

Daily Action: Text Daily

Using a smart phone, text “DAILY” to 228466 (A-C-T-I-O-N).

Every morning, you’ll receive a text that links you to your member of Congress or other appropriate official. This service does ask you to speak to a person, but it helps to provide key information about the issue you call about.

Fax Zero

Write a message, save it on your computer, and send it immediately using this service—right from your computer. No fax machine is required!

Social Media

You can contact your representatives through Facebook and Twitter. While phone calls and letters carry more weight, speaking to your legislators through social media has the advantage of occurring in the public eye. When you comment on your legislator’s Facebook page or send a tweet, other constituents can read your message. It could also help increase awareness about the issue you’re raising and build support for your cause.

Through social media, you can ask questions, respond to legislators’ posts or tweets, encourage them to take action and thank them when they do something you support.

Facebook Town Hall

Facebook Town Hall allows you to find out who your local, state and federal representatives are.

After submitting your address—which Facebook says it will use only for civic engagement tools, not for advertising purposes—Town Hall pulls information about your elected officials letting you know who your representatives may be, from members of Congress to your mayor and city council member. In some cases, it can even show you who your state attorney general is.

Contact your elected representatives directly with a single click, by calling the first number listed on the official's Facebook page (if you're on the social network's mobile app) or by sending an email or a Facebook message.

Letter to the Editor

Elected officials notice Letters to the Editor. They’re a powerful tool. Here are two resources with great tips for writing Letters to the Editor that get noticed.

“But I have social anxiety!”

If you want to help but have social anxiety and find phone calls very intimidating, here are some tips if you are ready to try the phone call.  (Many people find the practice has eased their phone anxiety over time. There are also reports that calling after hours or during the weekend is likely to get a voicemail which is easier for some.)

Other Ways to Help

Perhaps you have some skills or time to contribute to a group effort. We all play our part, and it takes all kinds of participation to make progress.

Here are a few more suggestions of ways you can be involved:

  • Editing someone else’s writing

  • Letting someone practice their calls with you so they gain confidence

  • Making protest signs

  • Researching topics for in-person visits to legislators

  • Writing one-page issue briefs that people can take to in-person meetings with congressional staff

  • Monitoring what congress is voting on to help coordinate calls

  • Writing thank you letters (when legislators do something we like!)

  • Transcribing notes from meetings

  • Coordinating “gofundme” campaigns or other fundraising efforts related to resistance efforts

  • Coordinating postcard writing campaigns

  • Monitoring Google News alerts for our legislators

More support here:

These actions all add up!

Remember that self-care is important to making this movement last, so find what is right for you and your overall health.