H-CAN's Non-Partisan status

H-CAN is non-partisan but progressive. H-CAN as a group does not support or endorse any candidate or political party. As a progressive organization, our Facebook page may be a thoughtful format to discuss politicians and candidates, with the intent of determining whether or not their actions (votes, answers to questions, public statements, etc.) follow progressive agendas on particular issues. It is recognized and hoped by H-CAN that all politicians, regardless of party, have the opportunity to be progressive allies on some, if not all, issues. There should be no blanket statements about candidates or parties on our Facebook page. We do not wish to isolate politicians or candidates merely because of their party.

Guidelines for Elected Officials to Prevent Potential Conflict of Interests

  • Elected officials are welcome to be members of H-CAN. They may join the Facebook page, receive newsletters, and attend public events

  • Elected officials must disclose their status as an elected official directly to a member of H-CAN leadership when joining the group

  • Elected officials may join Action Groups, but participation may be limited at the discretion of Action Group leaders

  • Elected officials may request meetings with Action Groups leaders or members

  • Elected officials with a daily operational role may not hold a leadership role in H-CAN

  • Elected officials affiliation with H-CAN is not an endorsement by the group

  • Elected officials can add agenda items to Action Group meetings with the prior approval of the Action Group leader

  • These guidelines also apply to candidates for an elected office with a daily operational role

Guideline about H-CAN Activity

H-CAN promotes social justice, peaceful protests, in-person and written lobbying, and social activities to promote our progressive values. H-CAN does not participate in or condone any illegal activity.