Community Stanchion Project

The Arts Advocacy Stanchion, created by Jeffrey Kimsey-Carroll, premiered at Haverford Township Day 2017. Participants added to it at the Main Line Art Center’s Sensory Garden Party on June 2, 2018 and H-Can’s second Pride Picnic on June 9, 2018.

Art stachion in Havertown, PA

The stanchion was created to provide an opportunity for individuals to express themselves. Through a fun and easy art activity, participants can remind themselves of their connection to the Haverford/Havertown community. Art, no matter how elaborate or simple, is a way for each of us to share a little more about ourselves. The more we share of ourselves and see ourselves as part of a community, the safer we feel in that community. The safer we feel as individuals, the more we are able to think clearly and make strong, helpful decisions about the living of our lives. Art is that powerful.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to add your voice to this artwork!